Nattie Trogdon is a performer, educator, and dance-maker based in Brooklyn, NY.

As a freelance artist, she has had the pleasure of working for David Dorfman, Oliver and Teri Steele, Elizabeth Dishman, Annie Kloppenberg, Nelly Van Bommel, Kensaku Shinohara, Mark Dendy, Michael Foley and Doug Varone.

As an educator she has taught at Purchase College, The Dance Complex (MA), NYU Tisch, NYU’s Gallatin School, and Gibney Dance Center teaching contemporary forms, improvisation and partnering classes.

Her own choreographic works have been presented at Dixon Place, Mark Morris Dance Center, Triskelion Arts, Gibney Dance Center, The Dance Complex, STUFFED at Judson Church, The Juilliard School, NYU, SUNY Purchase and the Taipei National University of the Arts in Taipei, Taiwan.

Her collaborations with partner, Hollis Bartlett (Hollis + Nattie) have been presented at First Look at Brooklyn Ballet, Slice & Dice at The Joffrey School, Triskelion Arts, the Jack Crystal Theater at NYU, Gibney Dance, Earthdance (MA), The Dance Complex (MA), The Boston Contemporary Dance Festival (MA), School for Contemporary Dance and Thought (MA), No Theme Festival ( Poughkeepsie, NY), and at universities including Skidmore College, NYU, Salem College, and The College at Brockport. They have been AIR at the Dance Complex, the Peaceable Barn, and are 2019 Work Up 5.0 Artists through Gibney Dance.

Born and raised in North Carolina, her desire for making and performing began at an early age. She is a classically trained singer and musician, and explored all forms of dance including musical theater, ballet, tap, and jazz. She is a graduate of UNC School of the Arts where she studied in both the ballet and modern departments; and holds a BFA from SUNY Purchase where she was fortunate enough to be invited to perform and share her work in Taipei, Taiwan as part of the 2012 daCI/WDA Global Dance Summit.

Artist Statement 

I create work that allows the body to deeply speak it’s humanity.

I aim to expose the ugliness, the messiness, the destruction alongside the beauty and goodness. I invite the audience into a space that is familiar, that fuels their emotional responses, that dredges up the things they’ve hidden deep inside themselves. I believe that movement can heal- that movement is a vehicle for social, political, and personal change.

My research involves creating a visceral, cathartic, transcendent experience which reflects something more ancient and primal. I thrive on opportunities to test the boundaries of the human body. To find its limits and to push past them. To crack the heart open and expose its contents. To move the bones and skins and organs rigorously, daringly, boldly. Through technical rigor, improvisation, singing and speaking; I aim to generate a deep guttural rawness within myself and my collaborators that allows for vulnerability, authenticity and generosity. I deeply acknowledge my history, my place of privilege and work to understand it’s context within my process. I actively aim to create an empathetic space that is open to many voices, bodies, identities- where movement is both communal and deeply personal.