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Hollis + Nattie: Tuning Bodies

  • Jack Crystal Theater 5th Floor, NYU Tisch School of the Arts, 111 2nd Ave New York, NY, 1003 (map)


We (Hollis and Nattie) will present an evening of our shared makings. This evening is about research, rigor, and our studies into the capacity of the body and bodies. We want to open the space for experimentation, dialogue, and communal gathering. We'll be sharing a version of our duet, Transmuting from Work Up 5.1 that we've reimagined for 12 incredible special guests and our newest duet in process, Salt for Curing. There will be a wine reception following the show (because what's a show without wine) and would love to have your presence there! Limited number of tickets available. Tickets can be purchase day of at the door via venmo or cash.

You can read more about each piece below:

ransmuting is a collaboration between Hollis Bartlett and Nattie Trogdon that is their ongoing research of the intersection between physical rigor and sustained repetition. The work begins with two bodies moving in unison, focusing in on the nuances of how the performers relate to each other and attempt the impossible tasks at hand. The work asks: how long can you continue before you are forced to adapt? Using improvisational scores and set material that focus on rigorous repetitive patterning, we witness the physical and mental stamina required to push the body to its limit. The performers are driven by the will and need to keep pushing, keep going, keep moving forward.

This work was created in part during the Tisch Summer Residency Festival at New York University and with support from Gibney, with funds provided by the Howard Gilman Foundation.

Salt for curing is the second installment in a series of duets which began with Hollis and Nattieā€™s exploration of the intersection between physical rigor and sustained repetition. This work focuses on the relationship between athleticism and experienced catharsis. Through our investigations and practice, we have found that when we push the body to its physical limit deeply rooted and often paralytic emotions are dredged up. Using meticulous phrasing, ritualistic repetitive movement, vocalization, and vibrational energies we work to bring these emotions, memories, and lineages to the surface. These physical rituals act as a salt circle, delineating a consecrated space where we can begin to reconcile our personal and shared narratives. Embodying and wrestling with notions of whiteness, toxic masculinity, divine femininity, grief, intimacy, and loss in order to vigorously create space for reflection and transformation.

This work was created in part during a residency at the Peaceable Barn.

More Info coming soon!

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