photos: Olivia Moon


Death of the Moth
(in process)

Death of the Moth explores the complicated yet romanticized notions of hysteria, depression, femininity; and the traumatic effects on one’s mental and emotional psyche living in a toxic patriarchal society. This highly scored improvisational solo uses tonal voice exploration, relentless physical phrasing, text and quiet contemplation to create a space for myself, as the performer, to falter and fall apart, to be chaotic and deranged, to decay, and be filled with terror, pain and rage. I am interested in exposing a deep visceral vulnerability within myself and my female body so that the audience can witness the physical manifestations of past trauma, ghosts, and memories. I am interested in the ugliness, grotesque, harrowing qualities that bleed out of my body within this personal manifesto. This work draws inspiration from my long-standing obsession with the writings of suicidal 19th and 20th century feminist writers such as Virginia Wolfe and Sylvia Plath and from my own struggles with depression, experiences of gas-lighting, need for rebelliousness, mess, and nothingness; while simultaneously wrestling with personal and societal expectations of what it means to be woman.

Created + performed by: Nattie Trogdon

February 2019 WIP Old First Reformed Church, NY
March 2019 WIP Boston University, MA
June 2019 Stuffed Judson Church, NY