Death of the Moth

Death of the Moth explores the complexity and often romanticized notions of hysteria, depression, femininity, and the effects on one’s mental and emotional psyche living in a Trumpian dystopia. Inspired by the writings of prolific literary heroines Sylvia Plath, Virginia Woolf, and Charlotte Perkins Gilman, this solo work creates a space to falter and fall apart, to be chaotic and deranged, to be filled with rage and a deep desire to dissect this world; examining gaslighting, nothingness, rebelliousness, mental and psychosomatic illness.  

Investigating the ramifications of a patriarchal society whose history of diagnosing outspoken educated women as “hysterical” and the social toxins of living in a racist, misogynist, homophobic society; Death of the Moth uncovers the notion that illness can be born from our guts, hearts and minds. That there is a particular kind of pain, and terror involved in this kind of illness- this madness. This work pursues both a personal and societal yearning to recapture one’s feelings of safety and sanity, and perhaps even the smallest traces of hope and happiness.

Created + performed by: Nattie Trogdon

February 2019 WIP Spoke the Hub’s Winter Follies BK, NY March 2019 WIP @ Boston University, MA