Death of the Moth
(in process)

Death of the Moth explores the complicated yet romanticized notions of hysteria, depression, femininity; and the traumatic effects on one’s mental and emotional psyche living in a toxic patriarchal society. Inspired by the writings of suicidal 19th and 20th century feminist writers, this solo work investigates gaslighting, nothingness, rebelliousness, tumultuousness, psychosomatic illness and real or imagined madness.  Through tonal voice exploration, relentless physical phrasing, text and quiet contemplation; this work creates a space for the performer to falter and fall apart, to be chaotic and deranged, to decay, to be filled with terror, pain, rage and a deep desire to dissect this world.

Created + performed by: Nattie Trogdon

February 2019 WIP Old First Reformed Church, NY
March 2019 WIP Boston University, MA