This page is for my friends: friends who are making, teaching, performing, and doing inspiring things in the world. They are people I admire and love deeply and who you should know too!

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Hollis Bartlett
collaborator. dancer extraordinaire. life partner.

he teaches (the best) class, he makes compelling work, he's a once in a lifetime performer and if you know him, you love him. find more about his upcoming teaching, performance and musings.


Tara Hemmer
sister. witch. maker of things. 

my shaking, rattling and rolling sister. she's my collaborator, other half, dance-maker extraordinaire. her work is heartbreakingly beautiful and tragicomical. also she's a bomb-ass pilates teacher. follow her.


Alex Springer and Xan Burley (The Median Movement)
incredible teachers. incredible makers. incredible humans.

you must take their classes, you must see their work, you must must must be around these incredible humans. they're doing all the great things. stalk them.


Katie Skinner
dancing prancing performing magical woman

she's a virtuosic performer, collaborator, and maker. she's funny and kind and is about to take the dance field by storm. get to know her and her wonderful-ness!


Brendan Drake
maker. activist. dancing queen.

he's doing the things, he's doing them loud and proud and full off fervor and feeling. follow and support him.


Alex Miller
wild child. adventurous soul. space maker

she's committed to creating space and art in Austin, TX. she committed to collaboration and inclusivity. she's a head strong, big hearted, courageous woman who'll give you whiskey and a bed when ya visit. find her.