photos by: Kathryn Butler


video by: Proteo media

salt for curing

 (collaboration with Hollis Bartlett in process)

Salt for curing is the second installment in a series of duets which began with Hollis and Nattie’s exploration of the intersection between physical rigor and sustained repetition. This work focuses on the relationship between athleticism and experienced catharsis. Through our investigations and practice, we have found that when we push the body to its physical limit deeply rooted and often paralytic emotions are dredged up. Using meticulous phrasing, ritualistic repetitive movement, vocalization, and vibrational energies we work to bring these emotions, memories, and lineages to the surface. These physical rituals act as a salt circle, delineating a consecrated space where we can begin to reconcile our personal and shared narratives. Embodying and wrestling with notions of whiteness, toxic masculinity, divine femininity, grief, intimacy, and loss in order to vigorously create space for reflection and transformation.

Created + performed by Hollis Bartlett and Nattie Trogdon

This work was created in part during a residency at the Peaceable Barn and during the Tisch Summer Residency Festival at New York University

April 2019 WIP WAXworks Triskelion Arts NY
June 2019 WIP Hollis + Nattie: Tuning Bodies Jack Crystal Theater NY
June 2019 WIP Performance Party Arts on Site NY
June 2019 WIP SUNY Brockport NY