When I Am Laid in Earth

When I Am Laid in Earth explores themes of struggle, transformations, rebirth and imminent loss: loss of self, of one’s agency, and the will to continue on. This solo work, inspired by the libretto of Purcell’s Dido’s Lament, investigates the notions of personal struggle, the ghosts we carry from our past selves, and their influence on our present. Through grief, memory, reawakening, and renewal, a luminary is reborn out of the ashes-exuberant and resilient.

Created by: Nattie Trogdon and Hollis Bartlett (in collaboration with Flora Kim)
Performed by: Flora Kim
Music: Dido's Lament Chamber Orchestra of Europe, Lamento De Dido De Perdidos al Trio

August 2018 WIP The Dance Complex MA
December 2018 Teaching Artists & Student Concert The Dance Complex MA

This work was created in part during a residency at the Summer Sizzle Dance Festival at the Dance Complex, MA

salt of the earth

salt of the earth investigates the polarity of desire and denial; both inherent human reactions to our environment. Desires ranging from instinctual impulses to utopian aspirations; and denial as a defense mechanism to avoid dealing with painful traumas or the refusal to accept reality.

Created by: Nattie Trogdon and Hollis Bartlett (in collaboration with the performers)
Performed by: Styles Alexander, Dorothy Adasia, Katie Grenier, Frederick Moss, Meg Anderson, Alexander Davis, Haley Day, Jacob Regan
Music: Michael Wall

March 2019 Urbanity’s NeXt at the Multicultural Arts Center Cambridge MA,

This work was commissioned as part of Urbanity’s NeXt Choreographic Residency.