photos: Joshua Pacheco

Random Acts of Violence

Random Acts of Violence is a ceremonial arranging of our messes; the trash and leftovers of lives left in desolation. This collaboration between Hollis Bartlett and Nattie Trogdon explores the gradience of violence, the volatile nature of the performers, and an acknowledgment that putting the pieces back together isn’t always a peaceful process. Inspired by the tragically historical and real devastations in our world, both natural and man-made; this work is an attempt to find clarity and organization through the chaos, while recognizing imminent cataclysms are lurking just underneath the surface. 

“These violent delights have violent ends. And in their triumph die like fire and powder…” 
-Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet
Created + performed by Hollis Bartlett and Nattie Trogdon
Sound Score
Michael Wall, samplings from Judas Priest, Joy Division, Pink Floyd, Kanye West.
Lighting Design Stephen Petrilli

This work was created in part during a residency at the Summer Sizzle Dance Festival at the Dance Complex.


October 2018 Routes and Roots The Dance Complex MA
November 2018 Dance@DMAC Duo Multicultural Arts Center NY
June 2019 restaged on Project 44 Dance as a part of In Good Company Jack Crystal Theater NYU