photos by: Kathryn Butler

photos by: Kyle Netzeband

salt for curing

Collaboration with Hollis Bartlett, in process

salt for curing is a visceral undoing of self, an attempted reconciliation of the performers’ personal and shared narratives. A continuation of Hollis and Nattie’s research into physical rigor and sustained repetition, this duet sets up a consecration space, a salt circle, in which we witness the fleshy and tangible manifestations of grief, intimacy, sex, loss, toxicity, and divinity. Asking how can we surrender ourselves to our impulses and desires? Can the body be used as an objective vessel for transformation? Using mathematical repetition, ritualistic movement, effortful vocalization, and volatile improvisation, the performers work to bring their emotions, memories, and lineages to the surface. It is an exorcism through exercise; purgation through performance.

Created + performed by Hollis Bartlett and Nattie Trogdon

This work was created in part during a residency at the Peaceable Barn and during the Tisch Summer Residency Festival at New York University


April 2019 WIP WAXworks Triskelion Arts NY
June 2019 WIP Hollis + Nattie: Tuning Bodies Jack Crystal Theater NY
June 2019 WIP Performance Party Arts on Site NY
June 2019 WIP SUNY Brockport NY
October 2019 WIP Hi Artist NY
November 2019 WIP Vital Joint NY

video footage: Proteo Media

video footage: Parker Garrett