Class Description

Class begins with an improvised warm up designed to generate heat, strengthen and build stamina in the body. Through set material and phrase work, we work to find clarity and ease in movement, pleasure in sensations, play in forms and revel in our most glorious intimate bodies. This class will be a highly physical, rigorous, sweaty exploration of our past and present selves: using the techniques we have acquired throughout our various trainings as a tool to inform our next level of artistry. We will find the joy of dance and explore what it is to be human- to move, to feel, and to find community within ourselves and others.

Upcoming Classes:


Wednesday 3.13 10am-12pm(Partnering) @ Gibney
Wednesday 3.20 10am-12pm(Partnering) @ Gibney
Wednesday 3.27 10am-12pm(Partnering) @ Gibney

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