C L A S S Description
(technique. contemporary forms. morning class)

This class is a highly physical, deeply researched and sweaty exploration of our past and present selves: working through, with and against experimental dance lineage and codified modern techniques. Class begins with an improvised warm-up designed to generate heat, strengthen and build stamina in the body. We will work together to re-examine the mechanics of warming up and gather tools to take with us in our dancing practice. Class progresses into set material and phrase work which challenges us to find clarity and ease in movement, delineate and utilize space, allow for pleasure in sensations and play within form, and challenge our individual artistry. We build this class together to be a safe space for research, for questioning, for finding joy and catharsis, and to rigorously explore the meat and marrow of our humanity through movement mechanics.

Performative Improvisation + Scores Class
(description + class schedule coming soon!)

Upcoming Classes:

8.31 Saturday 12-2pm @ Gibney 280

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New ongoing classes @ The Floor on Atlantic coming this fall!
Technique class: Fridays 11am-1pm beginning 9.6
Performative Improvisation + JAM: Sundays 3-6pm dates TBD