photos: Kathryn Butler

video: Proteo Media


Transmutation: Transmuting for 12

Collaboration with Hollis Bartlett and performers, 2019

A group improvisational score derived from the research behind Hollis Bartlett’s and Nattie Trogdon’s duet Transmuting; which explores the relationship between physical rigor and sustained repetition. It is a study in pack mentality, asking how can the communal want inform the individual? How does competition permeate our own notions of adaptation?. The performers are tasked with using rigorous repetitive movement and sustained repetition to collectively find the will and stamina to keep pushing, keep going, keep moving forward.

Created by Nattie Trogdon and Hollis Bartlett
Performed by Group 1: Quentin Burley, Wendell Grey II, Symara Johnson, Emma Judkins, Ariel Lembeck, Nik Owens, Paul Singh, Laurel Snyder, Hsiao-Jou Tang, Carlo Antonio Villenueva, Aya Wilson, Jessie Young
Group 2:

This work was created in part during the Tisch Summer Residency Festival at New York University and with support from Gibney, with funds provided by the Howard Gilman Foundation.

June 2019 Jack Crystal Theater NYU NY
June 2019 Hartwell Hall SUNY Brockport NY