We Need to Talk About She

We Need to Talk About She explores the notion of the "golden boy" and the frustrations of women within the current world. The complexity of how a man can support a female without forcing the spotlight on himself and how a female can be empowered without being cruel to her partner. An interpersonal relationship that also expands and reflects the issues in the world today. How can we be feminist and equals? How can we support each other without putting ourselves first? How do women handle the sexism in society?

Created + performed by: Nattie Trogdon and Hollis Bartlett
Music: Adam Crawley
Lighting: Dave Glista


May 2016 WAXWorks Triskelion Arts May 2016 NYU Alumni Concert The Jack Crystal Theater NYU May 2016 "She" Dance Film with Andrew Masi June 2016 WIP Skidmore College NY August 2016 Summer Shakeup Triskelion Arts

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